Friday, 19 November 2010

Credits: Vanessa Bell; Virginia & Flush; Vanessa & Nero; Frantisek Drtikol; Horst Phorst (x2); Otto Umbehr; Bill Brandt; Romaine Brooks (x2); Mario Cavaglieri; Clovis Trouille; Nicolas de Largilliere; Von Bose Bodo; Tadanori Yokoo (x3); Max Klinger (x5); Unknown; Marjorie Cameron; Joseph Apoux (x2); Jan Mankes (x5); K. Watson; Hannah & Landon (x2); Martha Boxley; Moriah Freed; Valerie Clement; Unknown (x7); Jean de Bosschere; Eduard Wiiralt; Edouard Vuillard; Antonio Rubino (x2); Konstantin Kalinovich (x2); Jane Birkin (x3); David Hamilton; Cottington Faeries (x2); Carlos Ferreiro; Andrea Mantegna; Giovanni Antonio Bazzi; Andre Collot


  1. As always, you have impeccable taste, darlin' o mine. I love love love it.

    Can't wait to see what you find next....


  2. Ah baby doll I do so love ya and that you take the time to partake in my silliness. It wouldn't be the same withoucha thass foh sure.

  3. Sara, your blog is very,very beautiful...When there was no Internet, I never dreamt of seeing so many beautiful illustrations every day...thanks for your contribution! I add it just now to my list of favourites pages in my blog, section: "Ilustraciones,Fotografía, Diseño" (Illustrations, Photography, Design). And I subscribe to it, of course! Thank you!

  4. Oh you're very welcome! I'm glad you enjoy it :) For me it's an attempt to not go mad over the amount of beautiful imagery with which one is bombarded. Thank you for the link <3